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These days there are several treatments you can use to reduce the effects of aging. Anti-wrinkle injections are popular for getting rid of wrinkles, as are dermal fillers, which can also be used to add volume to different parts of your face.

But there’s another interesting method that’s used these days that not as many people have heard of. It’s called fat grafting and it has quickly become a popular method for creating fullness in various areas of the face.

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Have you ever wished you could transfer unwanted fat from your bottom, thighs or stomach to your breasts? An exciting new surgical technique – known as fat transfer to the breasts or fat grafting breasts – lets you do exactly this. Put simply, fat transfer to the breasts involves transferring a patient’s own fat – harvested via liposuction surgery – to the breasts. 

This produces breasts that look and feel completely natural while improving their shape and size.

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