Increase the size of your breasts naturally with fat transfer/grafting

Have you ever wished you could transfer unwanted fat from your bottom, thighs or stomach to your breasts? An exciting new surgical technique – known as fat transfer to the breasts or fat grafting breasts – lets you do exactly this. Put simply, fat transfer to the breasts involves transferring a patient’s own fat – harvested via liposuction surgery – to the breasts. This produces breasts that look and feel completely natural while improving their shape and size. Dr Joseph Rizk, an experienced Plastic Surgeon based in Sydney, specialises in breast reconstruction and breast augmentation using autologous fat grafting.

Who is suitable for fat transfer to breasts?

A person who has a stable weight, the correct skin tone, relatively healthy and not on certain medications and the right expectations is suitable for a fat transfer to breasts procedure. During your consultation, Dr Joseph Rizk will determine if your desire is achievable. He will explain the procedure in detail. Often people spend months and even years wondering and researching, spending too much mental energy when a quick and through consultation will give you all the answers.

Breast enhancement via fat transfer is an affordable, safe and minimally invasive technique. Fat transfer for the breast can be performed for:

Benefits of fat transfer to the breasts

Fat transfer is quickly becoming a popular technique for both breast reconstructions and breast augmentations due to its advantages over the traditional approaches of implants and flap surgeries. Fat transfer to the breasts delivers:

Fat transfer to the breasts can restore the shape and size of your breasts while keeping a natural look