As the body’s protective outer-shell, your skin puts up with a lot. Harmful elements such as chemicals, cuts and scrapes in the skin, infections, and sunlight keep the seemingly delicate organ under near-constant assault.

Superior skincare practices can be helpful to maintain, firm, smooth, and revitalise the skin. Unfortunately, time and sun exposure have an effect on the skin’s appearance. Facial skin issues can occur because of age, exposure to environmental elements, and a so many other factors. Some common skin problems are the result of genetics, viruses, and other causes. An expert dermal therapist, along with a highly trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon, have the advanced training and skill necessary to effectively treat skin problems.

No single treatment deals with all skin issues or is suitable for everyone. Therefore, a tailor-made treatment plan is recommended just for you at White Hill Medispa. A younger, better-looking you can be achieved with non-surgical treatments and minimal interruption to your life.

Many surgical procedures are performed in your beautiful spa treatment room. More complex surgery will be completed in a small private hospital setting.

At White Hill Medispa, we pride ourselves in offering highly effective skin solutions for all skin concerns, at an affordable price.


Your Concerns

We take great care to treat your beauty concerns.

Your skin and natural beauty will be enhanced with our custom designed treatments for you.

Your Plastic Surgeon and Dermal Therapist ensure you get one on one care. All procedures including non-surgical procedures like anti-wrinkle injections and chemical peels are performed with excellent skill and care. Your personalised treatment will be supported with the care and guidance of our skilled team.